Want to enjoy a night in Prague? Try out these activities!

The Czech capital city is magical both during the day and night. Moreover, in the night you can meet there a lot of people like you, who love fun and want to explore what others can’t see in the daytime. Are you ready to discover the most enjoyable nightlife places and activities in Prague? Let’s go!

It would be a shame to waste time sleeping when you have the opportunity to spend a night in Prague. What activities are waiting for you?

Start your evening with a good dinner

If you want to spend the night outside, you definitely need a lot of energy. So, start your night with a portion of good food. Dining and cruising along River Vltava can be the best choice to do it. It’s romantic, and you can see a lot of Prague’s sites from a different point of view.

Continue with a bit of fear

From July to October Prague Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours are open every day at 19:00 and 21:00. It takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. During this time, you will explore the darker side of Prague, ancient buildings, narrow lanes, mysterious messages, and captivating tales. You will learn about Rudolf II and alchemy, murders, curses, restless spirits, executioners and their victims. Don’t expect cheap tricks, it’s all about scary stories. And we guarantee you will be scared.

Relax in one of the Prague’s night’s clubs

Prague is not only historical the center of the Czech Republic but also a city of sin. Let the worries disappear and go enjoy your night to one of Prague’s clubs.

A good choice is Aloha Cocktail Bar & Club. It can induce the summer vibe and transport you on sun-filled islands. You will experience a fresh ocean air, many tastes and aromas, warm rhythms and original cocktails which combine tropical fruits, sour lemons, almonds, and walnuts. And dancing? Energy-filled rhythms promise you a wild party.

You can also spend the whole night in another bar in the heart of Prague which is called Hangar Cocktail & Music Club. It takes its inspiration from aviation. You will see airplane engines but also the luxurious elegance of the major airlines. Don’t expect a messy bar. Hangar Cocktail Bar Club is not only a place where you can spend the whole night but also a great space for a birthday celebration on a grand scale or bachelor’s party.

Wake up, Prague!

At the end of your fabulous night, you can just watch how the Czechs wake up. Streets are slowly getting busy, you start to hear trams (because during the night there is special night bus service) and the sun shines behind the most known sites. Inhabitants of Prague are going to work and you can peacefully go sleep. Because if you really try out above-mentioned activities, you will be really happy and really tired. To spend a night in Prague is challenging. Do you accept this challenge?